Tailor-Made Sheepskin
     Seat Cover Lines

Each Tailor-made seat cover is manufactured
to the specific YEAR, MAKE & MODEL of your
vehicle using plush, Australian sheepskins.

Lifetime Warranty On Craftsmanship
          And 3 Years On Skins.

Along with our custom seat covers, we also specialize in
motor bikes, motorhomes, aeroplane and bus seat covers.


 Showroom Stock Only
Front Custom Made Airbag Compatible
in Black and Grey From
e.g. Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger. Many others to Choose From 

Conditions Apply, Price is Supply only, Ask us for a quote to fit them for you. 


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Why not try our new product Premium Microfleece

Do you want to protect your leather seats , stop sweating in summer and sliding on your seat, also be warm in winter but don’t want the Traditional thick sheepskin pile. Then why not look at our Premium MicroFleece. It will give you all of these benefits but in a much sleeker profile and design.

Available in 3 colours, Charcoal , Beige and Black

Tailor-made Sheepskin Seat Cover Lines

Each Tailor-made seat cover is manufactured to the specific YEAR, MAKE & MODEL of your vehicle using plush, Australian sheepskins.

The luxurious soft cushioning of sheepskin offers the ultimate driver and passenger comfort for all climatic conditions and provides reliable upholstery protection. Our Tailor-made seat cover line will provide you with the best fit, highest quality and longest seat cover life available. Covers are available in a number of luxurious colours.

Along with our custom seat covers, we also specialise in motor bikes, motor-homes, aeroplane and bus seat covers. Also very popular is having your favourite lounge chair recovered in sheepskin.

Lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and 3 years on skins.

Our Tailor-made Seat Covers are designed to cover the full sides of seat back, full skirt of seat cushion and covers the rear of the seat back approximately 8″ to 10″. This leaves the back of seat open for access to map pockets and provides the best contoured fit on the seat.
Armrest covers and full-backs are available on request for an additional fee, headrest covers are included as a standard item.

Most vehicles now have airbags inserted into the side of the seats. Wild Ram have been manufacturing tailor-made seat covers exclusively for these models since 1994. If you have a vehicle with inbuilt seat airbags it is vitally important that you have Tailor-made seat covers to ensure you are adequately protected in the event of an accident. With our perfect pattern there is no seat cover movement which allows the airbag to properly deploy, do not settle for inferior solutions that may compromise your safety.

Trust the company that is a recognised expert in the field – Wild Ram.

Sheepskin is an insulant. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Sheepskin is resilient. The fibre is springy, allowing air to circulate and to breathe. Sheepskin is absorbent. It will absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture before feeling damp.

Wild Ram

Additional Information

If you Reside in Brisbane and want beautiful tailored sheepskin seat covers then please visit our Sister Company: Shearcraft Australia. Shearcraft have been manufacturing for the major Car dealerships in Brisbane for nearly 30 Years. These dealerships include SciFleet Toyota, Motorama 4×4 Toyota, Mercedes Benz of Brisbane, BMW Brisbane, Centenary Mercedes Benz and Motorline BMW as well as many others. Shearcraft will even fit the seat covers for you at your home or business (Greater Brisbane Area) so you don’t have to lift a finger. Click on this link to visit Shearcraft.

 Wild Ram is located at 44 Olympic Circuit, Southport Qld.

Please call us on: 07 5532 9677, 

or email us at info@wildram.com.au