Medical Skins

Wild Ram Medical Skins

Wild Ram offers the best in Medical Sheepskin products on the net. Wild Ram is an Australian Company dedicated to supplying medical sheepskins that are 100% Australian made and 100% Australian Sheepskin

This Australian innovation has tremendous health benefits. The development of pressure ulcers is not only of great discomfort to the patient but is also expensive for the taxpayer and dramatically reduces the number of available hospital beds, due to extended hospital stays. More and more Australian hospitals and health care workers are now realising that patients that use a medical sheepskin product in their beds reduce or eliminate pressure ulcers.

An Australian Medical Sheepskin that delivers preventative skincare has long been used by healthcare professionals to address the major cause of bedsores and tissue breakdown.

Medical Sheepskins will help prevent such medical conditions like Spinal Pain, Arthritis, Joint Stress and Decubitus Ulcers.

Our Medical Skins are fully guaranteed, go on treat yourself to some real comfort purchase an authentic Wild Ram Medical Sheepskin now!

Bed Rugs

offer year round comfort and reduce shear, pressure, friction and moisture known to cause pressure sores and discomfort felt by people who spend long periods seated or lying down.

Heel Protectors

Protects the skin of the heel from damage by circulating air at the level of the skin and absorption of moisture.

Heel Guard Protector

Elbow and Knee Pads

Used for the prevention of decubitus or bed sores. Comforts sensitive elbows by reducing the development of pressure points.

Sheepskin Elbow Protector

Medical Boots

The Medical Boots keep the feet warm and are excellent for poor circulation and highly recommended for diabetic foot care.

Baby Rugs

Sheepskin Baby Rugs. Soft, Comfort and warmth are a few attributes of these rugs.

Crutch Cover

Easy on the hands and under arms


We custom make Footrests, Calf Straps, Armrests and Seat pads for your Wheel Chair.