Airbag Seat Covers

When making a seatcover for a vehicle that has Side Airbags ( the airbags located inside the seat), it is crucial for the customer to have a perfect fit so that the airbag opening will not move out of place.

This can only be achieved by a seatcover made to the exact pattern and design of the original seat.

Beware of so called ‘custom made covers’ which are able to fit a variety of vehicles. By definition it cannot be ‘custom made’ and then fit a number of vehicles perfectly.

Some multi-fit seatcovers made overseas and sold through Retail outlets have stitching that can rip apart in the event of an accident.

If the seatcover does not disintegrate as designed by deflecting forces away from the occupants, it could cause injury.

Wild Ram seatcovers allow the airbag to easily move out of the custom made seatcover, ensuring there is NO CHANCE of danger to the driver or passenger.

Wild Ram have thousands of patterns on site for each specific vehicle and are constantly adding patterns for new motorvehicles.